United States of America - شهية الطبخ المغربي

United States of America

United States of America is the third largest country in the world in
population, and it is the fourth largest country in area. China and India
are the only countries with more people. Only Russia, Canada, and China
have larger areas. The United States covers the entire midsection of North
America, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific
Ocean in the west. It also includes Alaska, in the northwest corner of
North America; and Hawaii, far out in the Pacific. The United States is
often called the U.S., U.S.A., or America.
The land of the United States is as varied as it is vast. It ranges from the
warm beaches of Florida and Hawaii to the frozen northlands of Alaska,
and from the level Midwestern prairies to the snow-capped Rocky
Mountains. This huge and beautiful country is rich in natural resources. It
has great stretches of some of the most fertile soil on earth, a plentiful
water supply and excellent water routes, and large stretches of forests.
Huge deposits of valuable minerals, including coal, natural gas, and
petroleum, lie underground.
Economically, the United States is one of the world's most highly
developed and productive nations. No other country equals the United
States in the production of goods and services. Its people enjoy one of the
world's highest standards of living.
Until the 1500's, most of what is now the United States was thinly
populated forests and prairies. Small groups of Indians lived scattered
over the land between the Atlantic and Pacific. Inuit (also called Eskimos)
inhabited what is now Alaska, and Polynesians lived in Hawaii. People in
Europe saw in this vast "new world" a chance to build new and better
lives. Small groups of Spaniards settled in what is now the southeastern
and western United States in the 1500's. People from England and some
other European countries began settling along and near the East Coast
during the 1600's. In 1776, colonists in the East established an
independent nation based on freedom and economic opportunity. Through
the years, large numbers of Europeans continued to settle in the United
States. People from almost every other part of the world also settled in
the country. Except for black Africans brought in as slaves, these
immigrants came seeking the rights and the opportunities that had
become part of the American way of life. As a result of this immigration,
the United States today has one of the world's most varied populations. It
has been called "a nation of immigrants."
The vast space and resources of the land, the ideals of freedom and
economic opportunity, and hard work by the people all helped build the
United States into the economic giant it is today. The Americans-as the
people are commonly called-also made major contributions in such fields
as technology, science, and medicine. Americans developed the mass
production system of manufacturing, the electric light bulb, the telephone,
polio vaccine, and the transistor. They also created the skyscraper and
such new art forms as jazz and musical comedy.
At times, the U.S. economy has run into difficulty. Even so, it remains one
of the most productive systems ever developed. In some cases, groups of
Americans have suffered socially and economically from discrimination.
But the country's laws have helped many people overcome discrimination
and achieve better lives.

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