United Kingdom/Climate - شهية الطبخ المغربي

United Kingdom/Climate

The United Kingdom has a mild climate, even though it lies as far north as
bitterly cold Labrador. Winter temperatures rarely drop as low as 10 °F (-
12 °C), and summer temperatures seldom rise above 90 °F (32 °C). The
climate is influenced by the Gulf Stream, a warm ocean current that
sweeps up from the equator and flows past the islands of Great Britain
and Ireland. Steady southwest winds blow across this current and bring
warmth in winter. In summer, the ocean is cooler than the land. Winds
over the ocean come to the United Kingdom as refreshing breezes.
The sea winds also bring plentiful rain. The heaviest rains fall in the
highland areas of western Scotland. Some of these areas get 150 to 200
inches (380 to 510 centimeters) a year. Less than 20 inches (51
centimeters) of rain falls yearly in some parts of southeastern England.
The United Kingdom has rain throughout the year, and rarely is any
section of the country dry for as long as three weeks. Much of the rain
comes in light, but steady, drizzles.
Mild fogs hang over parts of the country from time to time. But the
famous "pea soup" fogs of London and other big cities seldom occur any
more. These thick, heavy fogs were caused chiefly by smoke and other
pollution released into the air by factories, automobiles, and homes where
coal was burned for heat. Antipollution laws have helped make such fogs
much less severe than they once were.

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