The Arts - شهية الطبخ المغربي

The Arts

European colonists arrived in America during the early 1600's, bringing
European art traditions with them. But within a few years, colonists were
building houses that probably rank as the first major American works of
art. During the 1700's, American craftworkers began to produce
outstanding examples of furniture, sculpture, and silverwork. By the mid-
1700's, colonial painters were creating excellent portraits.
The first important American literature appeared in the early 1800's with
the works of such authors as Washington Irving and James Fenimore
Cooper. During the late 1800's, American architects began designing
skyscrapers that revolutionized urban architecture throughout the world.
Two uniquely American art forms, jazz and musical comedy, developed
during the late 1800's and early 1900's. In the early 1900's, the United
States gained international leadership in the new art forms of motion
pictures and modern dancing.
Today, American architects, authors, composers, painters, and sculptors
have achieved worldwide recognition and influence. Many of them have
shown a keen interest in developing new styles, new ways of expressing
themselves, and even new forms of art.

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