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Delete Multiple Friends (Post-Timeline)

Hi guys,  I have discovered a quick and easy way to 'cull' your facebook contacts in bulk. (click 'About' for details)
Very easy and much less painless than going onto each profile individually and "unfriending" them. If you have loads to clean out then simply do the following.

1. Go to your profile and click "see all" on your friends.. bit.. thing.

2. You will have all your friends on one page. Hover over the name, then hover over 'friends' (or whichever group you've put them in)

3. Move down and click 'Unfriend'

4. Click "remove from friends" on the confirmation box and then WAIT!!!

5. DO NOT click 'okay'. Instead, scroll down to find your next victim and repeat the process. The "friend removed" box will remain until you choose the next person you wish to be rid of. Once you have gone through your list, click that final "okay".

6. The whole page will refresh and everyone you got sick of will be gone. Easy, simple and no need for any complicated code.

Obviously you COULD click ok after each one, but when you do, the screen returns to the very top of the page, which makes it a very long process indeed. Trust me, this is MUCH quicker.

Happy Culling.

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